Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2009 Soca Monarch Finalists

Update on the Soca Monarch competition. I am still lamenting the loss of Adrian Dutchin who could have solifidied himself as the King of Guyanese Soca. I guess the title will have to wait. The entries this year are poorer than last year's. I haven't found a pearl among the swine.

First prize: $750K (US 3750 at 200 to 1),
Second Prize: $400K (US 2000),
Third Prize: 200K(US 1000),

The finalists are - in order of my preference:

Melissa Roberts - (Vanilla) 2007 Road March Queen - Rude This song is the best in terms of the recording, and the orchestration, but like I always say, Vanilla's vocals are often too monophonic making the song a little flat, but I still believe she has the best chance.

Beverley Williams - (Little B) - Sharon’s Abuse

The only non-wineup song and socially conscious, inspired by the Stamp-Out campaign no doubt. If she can perform it well Finals night, she might be in the top 3.

Wilbur Levans (B52 and formerly Lil Man) - Circuit Overload

Very high energy, and have the elements of a soca hit but it lacks originality.

Reflections Crew (Nicole and Nancy Osborn)- Ghetto Loving I have not heard their song, but their only song that I have heard "Wukka Man" the vocals are tight. So this is a wildcard for me. They could be up there int he top 4 too. Ahh they look so cute, I just want to squeeze their cheeks. UPDATE: Wukka Man is Ghetto Love. This is the best vocal song, but it's more reggae than soca so I don't know how it will be judged, but I like it. So I'm moving them up to the top 4.

Orlando Johashen (Bones) - Any How -

Sounds alright, a whine-up tune like most of the entries.

Shellon Garraway (Shelly G) - Work It

I don't like this song for her.

If I could I would give her Vanilla's song.

Clinton Adolphus (Passion) -No Judge last yr "Me Alone" I like his entry for last year. I haven't been able to find his entry for this year. So I can't really rate him.

Tomeeka Thomas - Wine and Shake - Didn't hear this one either.

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