Friday, February 13, 2009

GuyanaLive's interview with Vanilla

Melissa Roberts (Vanilla) who I believe stands the best chance for the 2009 SOca Monarch sat down with GuyanaLive, who's been doing a good job at promoting our artists by providing some hard to find information. This is not really an interview as much as a little chat cause the interviewer didn't pull information out of her

Q: How is your experience in the Carib Soca Monarch Competition
this year different from other years gone by?
A: Smile………. this is my third year in the competition, the past years I was there to garner experience and to be part of the backbone for the Headhunters Krew but this year, I’m here to vie for the crown.

Q: Other than being involved in the Soca competition what do
you have planned for Mash 2k9?
A: As you know, I won the Road March in 2007 and missed it by one point in 2008. This year I intend to regain that title. So look out for me “behaving RUDE” on mash day.

Q: Besides being a singer you are also a producer, as such do
you have any projects in the making for 2009?
A: Smiles……… I have a lot of projects I’m doing which in most cases comes under the belt of Kross Kolor Records. You see, I’m responsible for other artistes as well, so my projects do not only include myself.

Q: After having such a successful run at the Accolade Music
Awards, what can Guyana expect in 2009 from Kross Kolor
A: Kross Kolor is always working for the betterment of Guyanese music, our motto “Taking Guyanese Music to the World” and we intend to do just that, in the meantime look out for a lot more videos.

Q: Being a producer and a performer how do you view the
progression of local music over the years?
A: I should have corrected you the first time; I’m not a producer but a performer among other things. They are quite a number of issues that I’m disappointed with. If I were to discuss them at this point I may never stop typing. I have to prepare for the Soca Monarch Semi Finals so maybe in our next interview I’ll get in-depth, in the mean time you can wish me luck.

Q: In your view, what is most needed for the local music
industry to develop?
A: It is necessary for us (artistes, managers, producers, promoters etc.) to work as one body, when we can do that, then and only then we will be able to move forward as an industry.

I would like to really hear her indept opinion on the subject of the progression of our local music industry. How does KrossKolor protect the artists work with lack of any effective copyright laws?

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