Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maxi and Company save the day!

This is my 100th posting anniversary! I'm a veteran now. When will the comments start coming in? This is a labor of love i guess.

Some pics from the No T-Pain Concert:

Yummy! Maxi Priest.

Timeka who did your make up, you look ghostly! I still love you though.

Jumo do you thing babes!

You look better than the Soca Queen tonight, second ain't bad! Don't tek worries, next yr.

Beenie Man for those who don't know. I'm seeing a pattern here, the artists wearing white in a land of blackout!

Is this Serani? I asked cause this person looks a lil different from his videos, but not too different for me to rule him out!

You don't look too right G. You finally take off the hoody good job, now put on some lbs.

Ms Thing over here pick up Gialiani's trend. She must be really anemic.

The first thing that came to my mind was: "fly away with me" not not me, me cause I'm a girl. I'll just call it the Winged One.

Look what we are teaching these VSO kiddies! They will never be the same again.

Give she de daggerin' (I couldn't resist)

How did she get so lucky. Maxi's all braced up on her, smiling. I could just photoshop myself in her place! Keep your hands where they are and don't even think of putting them on Maxi! :(

It looks like the concert was a success. The laundry did a good job, it's now squeeky clean.

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