Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New Music: Timeka Marshall - All Night

Well ladies and gentlemen, she's finally making some headway no puns intended! I like the video more than the song even though the video reminds me of the Separate Video.

She needs to work on the speaking voice and the "sexy" moves. Some acting class may help!

Produced by Jay Will. Some of his works include M.I.A-Boyz, Shaggy - Church Heathen, Beenie Man - Dreaming Of You, T.O.K-Footprints, and Voicemail-Wacky Dip.

I need some honest feed back, no mindless hating.


Anonymous said...

this hoe cant sing

raptus8 said...

ok ok her facebook profile pictures had me thinking that i will see more skin. which i thought suits her persona. she is attractive and if she is flossing her body floss it dont hold back.
At least she could have dropped the robe earlier in the video.

Anonymous said...

hey gurl u gota lota haters but screw them youre heading somewhere quickly &they dont no it im rite behind u lead okay

Anonymous said...

it's not mindless hating...when they try to sleep their way up in the never works!

Anonymous said...

Shes a pretty girl, and i love this song...but her voice is irritating...she either needs more singing lessons or her voice needs to be i said love this song but when i listen to it in my sure i sing louder than her voice...shes not a good singer

Anonymous said...

Look you fool stop talking shit about the girl... Can any of you sing?... i doubt it. Timeka,GOOD JOB baby girl.. Yes, she make mistakes but who are you fools to judge her.. we all do shit but we're not popular, so who the hell cares.. YOU GO GIRL.. Let the haters talk it will only make her stronger. FREAKS!!!
GREAT SONG Good vocals