Monday, February 23, 2009

No Pain, No Gain! Not really!

T-Pain momma must have been reading up on Guyana and read all the bad things posted all over the interent and told her son not to go. He said, "Hells no, I'm not going there. I'm gonna chill right here, buy me a drink, get tipsy, get low and Kiss Kiss, Guyana goodbye! Kidnapping threats my behind! But wait, I see the new line of as better for our people: Serani as originally booked, Beenie Man, Maxi Priest , Shurwayne Winchester, Peter Ram and Biggie Irie. This is a fete right here. Also our local talent, Timeka Marshall who will officially launch "All night long", Shelly G our new Soca Monarch and the always entertaining X2- Adrian and Jumo. What more could Guyanese ask for?

Promoters hurt as T-Pain pulls out over threats
February 23, 2009
Grammy-nominated singer T-Pain has pulled out of tonight’s Hits and Jams after-Mash concert because he reportedly received word that he would be kidnapped and killed should he travel to Guyana.

Kerwin Bollers and Rawle Ferguson, the organisers of the show that was dubbed as the biggest ever, said that the US singer’s management would not reveal the names of the persons the information was received from but would only say that they got an email and a phone call from a group which said that it had credible information that the singer would be kidnapped and killed should he set foot here.

The organisers received the shocking piece of information just around 11 pm on Saturday and they told the media yesterday that no amount of persuasion on their part or from their associates in the US could change the singer’s camp’s minds.
He is a young singer and he is scared and his mother is scared…” Bollers told the media.


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