Saturday, February 21, 2009

Calypso Monarch Competition

No one pays any attention to calypso these days. It's also too political and the musical enjoyment is lost. It use to be better before but since I have not heard these contestants (there music is nowhere to be found by modern means), this is just FYI.

Twelve to battle for Calypso Crown tonight

February 14, 2009 | By knews | Filed Under News

… ‘D’ Ivan ready to dethrone reigning monarch

Thirst Park is expected to come alive to the sound of sweet calypso music tonight when 12 local artistes take to the stage to do battle for the Calypso 2K9 Crown.

Those battling to take the crown from the reigning monarch, Young Bill Rogers, are Ivan Harry — ‘D’ Ivan, Estelle Simpson — Stella, Lestor Charles — De Professor, Martin Byrnes — Mighty Voter, Derick Mangal — Bright Colours, Kenroy Fraser — Mighty Believer, Lindon Thomas — Sniper, Dawn Edwards, Karen Bennett — Lady Karen, Malcolm Corica — Mighty Canary, and Randolph Richard – Mighty Roraima.

The contenders will, however, have their work cut out for them, since the reigning monarch is far from ready to relinquish his title.

In an interview yesterday, he told Kaieteur News, “I am not intimidated! My song is good and carries a good message. Besides, I have been doing this for over 17 years, which gives me the experience and exposure needed to win this competition.

“I also think my international exposure will work to my advantage.” However, there are a number of contestants who are confident that, despite his assurances, the reigning monarch will be dethroned tonight.

One such person is ‘D’ Ivan,’ who told this newspaper that his song is a sure winner.
He describes his piece, “Agriculture is gonna make it for you,” as not only timely, but one which seeks to inspire Guyanese to ensure food security through farming.

A remigrant who is now involved in large scale farming, ‘D’ Ivan said the melody for the song was inspired by the rewarding experience he gained from tilling his land.

According to him, a bird which frequented his window ledge was the motivation for the melody which he describes as “harmonious, yet calming.”

“I loved the melody that the bird whistled, so I found the notes on my keyboard and developed the song.”
‘D’ Ivan believes that his vast singing experience over the last 40 years will also work in his favour tonight, since, as he puts it, “There’s no substitute for experience.”

‘D’Ivan entered the calypso competition with ‘Save the Children’ in 2004, but did not make it past the quarter finals.


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My name is Bodell Says out of Trinidad. I know it's a bit late to make a comment, But! my sole purpose is in trying to make contact with Ivan "D" Ivan Harry for a special booking engagement here in Trinidad & Tobago. Could you assist me in this area please? Thank you

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