Sunday, February 15, 2009

De pot calling de kettle black

Jamaicans want to ban lewd soca music from Trinidad

KINGSTON, Jamaica: Jamaicans, angered over the country's Broadcasting Commission banning reggae dancehall songs containing sexually explicit lyrics, have called on the Commission to also ban soca music from Trinidad and Tobago.

The Trinidad Express reported that Jamaicans have been calling in on talk shows on several radio stations on the island since Monday saying that the soca music played during Jamaica carnival is laced with lewd and offensive lyrics that are worse than anything the Jamaica dancehall artistes are singing. Callers said eight out of ten soca songs are laced with smut.

At a press conference in Jamaica on Tuesday, Jamaica Broadcasting Commission chairman, Dr Hopetown Dunn, explained that he made recommendations to government to have the radio and television stations cleaned up through amending the broadcast regulations. The Commission went on to ban the transmission of songs or music videos that promotes the act known as daggering.


Can you believe these Jamakecuns? What is more lewd than, "tek Buddy gal," "daggering daggering," "pump her her pum pum," "girl flex time to have sex," "cock it up jack it up dig out de &^*! I guess they have become immune to the vulgarity... Anyway we Guyanese staying out of de Jamakecuns and Trini quarrel...a soca vs reggae battle...

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