Monday, February 9, 2009

The Grammy's

I watch the broadcast of the 51st Grammy Awards last night and wondered, will I ever get giddy jumping up and down as one of our own Guyanese artist has won or is performing at the show. Maybe in 5, 10, 20 years.

Some notable moments for me at the awards which I did not see from the beginning.

M.I.A, girl M.I.A, I don’t know who advised you on your outfit but it was horrible. I cannot stop seeing black and white patterns. She looked like a black and white beluga whale or maybe just a killer whale. She could have pulled that off at 4-6 months, not 9. I was totally disturbed by the image. Maternity wear have evolved, no pregnant woman has to wear a moo-moo dress anymore, but she went to the opposite extreme and wore something absolutely trashy. To make it worse, when she turned around, the back view looked like a black and white Rubik’s cube, plus her pregnancy rolls were showing just below the bra line, no man no. I liked her energy though, giving birth should be a breeze.

The other big thing which I didn’t realize until this morning is Rihanna and Chris Brown. I thought I had missed their appearance, not knowing the two were having relationship issues. Chris why you had to fly your hand eh? ReRe don’t be like other Caribbean women, don’t subject yourself to abuse. Kick Chris from under your umbrella. His mother is going to be happy anyway, the obeah spell is broken!

New talent: Adele, won best new artist. From the way she looked and spoke I would have never believed the voice that came out of her.

The best performance for me was Stevie Wonder and Jonas Brothers doing his “Superstitious” that’s one hell of a funky song. The worse performance was ”Swagger like us” with the 4 big names, it sucked, spoiled the song. Or maybe it was just that I couldn’t stop staring at M.I.A.

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