Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh &*%$#^

LivingGuyana blog has disappeared. I don't know what's going on!


The government reiterated the position of the Central Bank and said that Guyana’s financial system continues to be stable and the financial institutions operating in Guyana remain well-managed and financially sound.

Meanwhile, the police have also become involved in the matter. A statement said the force is investigating the Living Guyana blog as posts containing erroneous statements about two local banks were placed on that site.

According to police, the force acted after it received a complaint from GBTI concerning the article posted on the website alleging a bail-out approach to the BoG. Upon investigating, the police discovered a second article on the website which contained erroneous statements about Citizen’s Bank Guyana.

The Police said that these acts were “erroneous” and “wicked” and stated that they were “intended to cause public mischief.”
The police said that an investigation has been launched to verify who is hosting this website and to pursue any information which surfaces during the investigation. The release stated that both international and local agencies have been contacted for assistance in this investigation and added that if it is determined that the law has been broken anonymity will not exonerate anyone from the consequences.


LivinGuyana is under police investigation. If he/she was in the USA they'd find him in 1 hour. So sad so sad!

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